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It is easy to assemble It can be used with or without heat and comes with an on/off remote control:

  • We can help you choose the right chimney top for your chimney and avoid any further animal here All though cast iron fire places can be used with different fuel sources the most common and popular fuel source is of course wood;
  • This is a great idea for those with building built in shelves next to fireplace young kids who might wreak havoc in an otherwise empty fireplace;
  • If you care to, read an article that was published in April of 2003 in the Dallas News regarding banning this installation in the city of Frisco, Collin County, Texas;
  • Without sacrificing heat, that closed door will usually keep you, your family and your property safe, with sparks only being problematic when tending to the fire;

Whether you want to get a fireplace insert to fireplace radiator review guide replace a wood-burning fireplace, renovate to add a new unit, switch to a more efficient gas fireplace or replace your existing fireplace with a more attractive unit, we can help you. The decorative gas logs offered by Fine Home Details provide beautiful flames and realistic log arrangements. Gas - fireplace radiator review guide Free Standing Design - Free standing gas fireplaces may appear similar to old style wood stoves or they may be highly modern glass designs with 3 glass sides. You may still be fireplace with tv lift able to place the sofa directly in front of the fireplace, but if that isn't an option, consider positioning the furniture on a rug set on a slight diagonal turn. We offer you custom home design articles, wall hanging vent free gas fireplace breaking industry news, and business advice on building your custom home efficiently and profitably.

Below on the hearth, I added a blue and white ceramic garden stool for a bit more color. Home improvement retailers, flea markets and estate sales are all potential sources for fireplace mantels. Most indoor fireplaces have automatic igniters for quick startup and include a variety of safety features to make sure you're protected while staying warm. Today, ztrack fireplace glass door of course, we have central HVAC, though people still see the wood-burning fireplace as a source of heat, which is sort of true. I personally don't like tv's above the fireplace, but have done it. Portable/Tabletop: Such freestanding models can easily fit into compact spaces and even on the top of a table in any room. This report lists several procedures that can be used to improve ztrack fireplace glass door and/or solve fireplace drafting problems.

Remodeling host Juan Rivera and Darrell Beer show you how easy it is to build a mantel surround for a fireplace.

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By comparison, the glass on a gas fireplace will get super-heated enough to instantly burn anyone, or anything, that comes into contact with it. Within the Gallery Fireplaces range there is a unique selection of natural stone mantels and quality cast iron fireplace options including inserts, fascias and fire baskets, as well as a wide selection of more traditional cast iron combination fireplaces. If you include installation costs - preparing the chimney and installing the stove, this figure can double. A Rumford fireplace built with a stucco background and hand-selected stones to create this unique look. Now, the meat of the question: Our central heating intake is on the ceiling about 15 feet away in a direct path from the fireplace. Experiment by opening a window near the fireplace just a crack; if the smoke then begins going up the chimney, you'll know that what's probably needed is an outdoor air supply. According to Karen Munro, who handles fireplace sales for Legacy, the Mendota lines of fireplaces are high efficiency heater rated. This fireplace has a trim that measures 24 in. The perfect accent for the fireplace, this solid wood decorative screen is covered in fine woven European tapestry and has sturdy, solid brass legs. With the choice of a dark oak or a light oak finish, Allen Group asserted, the Manchester is clad in premium wood veneers and has a book match top with inlay, solid wood moldings and a break front design. Figure 7 shows a TV mounted over the fireplace and wires are concealed behind the wall. This lower radiant heat temperature provides a more uniform distribution with very little air motion, helping maintain natural humidity and lowering those annoying winter static electricity levels. Among the newborns in the collection, there is Vivo 90, a pellet natural gas fireplace temperature in panoramic size at 16:9. The fireplace is the first thing you see when you come up the stairs into our great room. So the air consumption of a wood stove is a tiny part of a much larger exchange of air between the house and outdoors. Now with three generations here at Kozy Heat Fireplaces, we are privately-held and family-owned. The fireplace has an obelisk form, as it tapers in from both sides as well as the front and back. The original plan was to fill in some of the hearth space with wood floor from pieces salvaged from a neighbor's remodel to create a smaller hearth, BUT when I discovered an overabundance of concrete under the brick, I had to change my plan. If you are retrofitting an existing installation to switch it from wood to gas, then cleaning the inside first is highly recommended, and most would consider it mandatory. With a Valor gas fireplace or insert, you can live an active and busy lifestyle without sacrificing relaxation and warmth.

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One of those legends says that the tradition of Christmas stockings originates from the actions of a kind nobleman named Nicholas. Always turn off the gas supply before beginning the installation or repair of gas log sets. For a uniform electric fireplace apartment therapy consider a fireplace that matches the style and colour of your home furnishings. Although not one piece will stand out over another, all aspects of the space work together to create a design that is seamless and cohesive. We are proud to sell and install the most beautiful and efficient gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces and inserts in the industry - Regency and Hampton Both lines are known for creating the most efficient and well-crafted products and for providing excellent warranties and customer care. Zinnser BIN Primer is what you need to apply 1st,then apply either your eggshell or your satinwood paint.

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Most people love to work on improving their homes constantly, especially if they can't afford to do it all at once. Another problem sometimes occurs in tall houses that leak large amounts of air in the upper stories: heated air rises, so the warm air inside the house wants to flow upstairs and escape through the leaks. And, unfortunately, no masonry chimney is designed to be constantly bathed with water, especially the acid-laden water found in your flue. This series will run Friday nights during November and December, with the exception of November 25. Arrow tool and edit the size, shape and location of each soffit so that they form a complete surround for the fireplace opening. The flame from a set of vent-free logs will not be as yellow or as high as the flame from vented logs, and as such will not be as realistic. This one of the best electric fireplace insert is capable of providing 5200 BTU for lopi freedom fireplace insert warmth.

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You would need to replace not only the gas valve, but potentially the pilot assembly, add a thermopile and then wire in a wall switch. He also purchased a few pieces of inexpensive wood to create a boxed effect, and we bought a pine board to act as the mantel shelf. We replaced it with appropriate residential plug and haven't had an issue since. Hearth and Home Shoppe sells many types of chimney pipe, stove pipe, chimney liners and chimney covering a rock fireplace As we enter into the full holiday swing of things, we've pulled together some ideas on how to spruce up your house, all without even getting a tree. Safe Touch Glass: Standard safety feature that keeps all glass surfaces at extraordinarily low temperatures, reducing any potential for injury.

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From choosing the type of fireplace that's appropriate for your needs, to performing a quality installation done to our exacting standards. Perfect for remodeling projects, there is no need for an exterior vent cap since the outdoor face of the fireplace acts as a vent. Whether warming up chilled hands in mid-November or warding off pesky mosquitoes and gnats in the thick of summer, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit is fueled by a myriad of benefits. Gas fireplaces need to be tuned up from time to time, but we've got you covered. The problem with the typical fireplace is that it just doesn't bring a good heating punch to the average home or room. This lighter has adjustable flame that can reach its temperature for up to 1300 degrees Celcius. Wiping it with a damp cloth with a spray of window cleaner will help keep the glass from becoming super seethru sst radiant woodburning fireplace or foggy. However, the gas fireplace of the invention includes novel structural features that improve its efficiency in transferring heat of combustion to ambient room air cycled through the fireplace and also provide the fireplace with a self-contained, supporting structure for the angled flue pipe 16 that contains a majority of the flue pipe within the outer shell 14. Researchers at the University of Alabama studied 226 adults as they observed a video of a fire in a fireplace.

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Please verify that the fireplace key valve is fully open, or contact your Hargrove dealer for repair or replacement. Prices start from around $3,000 and can head to $10,000 and above for fancy designer options. This gas fire for cast iron fireplace grates is will fit most factory-built and masonry fireplaces and features a realistic dancing flame over a log set cast from real wood. Both electric and gas fireplaces are designed to look as natural as possible, and typically include realistic-looking logs that appear to light on fire just like a real wood-burning fireplace. The details came from the online installation manual of a Majestic VFH Series Vent Free Fireplace. Many of the older homes here have been done the same way, and I know the house next door heats as I do - using the sealed off fireplaces. Get your I-Phone,camera phone or camera...take a pic of the fireplace and post it here. Most homeowners think that regular chimney cleaning and repair by a qualified Knoxville chimney sweeping service is only necessary if they burn a lot of wood in their wood stove or fireplace. We didn't paint inside the hearth though, so I bet it would hold up pretty well. It looks bad. Everyone from the phone receptionist to Kent at the front desk provided the best customer service. Though this fireplace requires a sort of assembling before you can admire it beauty, the manufacturer provides clear instruction manual to help you assemble - does not require professional installation at all. Rear venting, works great, remodelling family room and it doesn't fit in with the new design. First, before most any of these projects, clean off your brick or stone surround. Put your TV and media devices on the top mantel, and your small items in the two side cabinets with shelves and doors. To help your fireplace operate at maximum efficiency, there are a number of small steps homeowners can take. No Dangerous Fumes: With an electric fireplace, you eliminate the need for using gas or wood to create a flame and to heat the room.

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Keep a fire extinguisher within reach of the fireplace, and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the house. Most electric fireplaces are designed to heat a 400-square-foot room fairly quickly and have a Btu capacity of 4,500 to 5,000. Fully tempered glass can satisfy federal, state and local building code requirements for safety glazing in such applications as doors, side lights, shower and tub enclosure, and interior partitions. A Pine and Gesso fireplace mantel dated 1906 with rope twist and Sheraton style swags and bows. The reason why they can't be definite is because there are soooo many types and colours of brick out there that it would be literally IMPOSSIBLE to cover each and every one. Please check back often or subscribe to our RSS feed, as custom steel fireplace surround fre- quently add Art Nouveau designs to our site.

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This is a super fun project to make with the whole family and when Christmas is over either, pop it in the recycling, or use those boxes to make a cardboard fort over the school holidays. A faux-brick wall, fireplace mantel, slipcovered sofa and vintage finds combine in this corner fireplace tv stand big lots space. As a result, the chimney is often made too low or located where it may be obstructed by a section of the house or building. A gas fireplace installer or licensed HVAC contractor with similar experience is required for installation. Don't forget to connect the patio to exterior walkways, access doors or other exterior features. Our chimney experts can inspect your chimney , help you solve any problems and have your chimney drafting properly so you can enjoy your fireplace without the unpleasant smoke.